March Update

Things are looking great as development continues, and I've been working on several things since the last update. Credit Card Refinement I've spent a lot of time refining the way credit cards are handled in order to support people who don't use credit cards, pay them off each month, or anyone trying to cut down on their credit card debt. Right now, if you add an account as a "credit card" type, it will be treated like any other spending account. If you use your credit card to…

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An Update on Pricing, Release Date, & Early Access

It's been several weeks since the last blog post, and I think it's time for an update on how things are going with Budgetwise. Pricing/Early-Access Discount Being an app that encourages mindful spending, the price needs to reflect that by being accessible no matter your current financial situation. With that said, there will be two pricing options: Monthly: $5 USD Annual: $30 USD Everyone who signs up for early access will get a permanent discount, with a monthly price of $3 or an annual price of $24. When thinking…

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Celebrating 1,000 Early Access Signups!

Tonight's a late but happy night. I am so excited to say that Budgetwise has exceeded 1,000 signups for early access! It's picking up steam much faster than anticipated, mainly due to a competitor recently increasing prices far beyond what they've ever charged before. I think having an updated homepage with some feature screenshots and descriptions has also helped. Up until now, I've personally reached out to each and every signup in order to thank them for their interest, welcome them, and see if there are any pain points…

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