Hello Elixir, Goodbye Node.js

Image via Nanobox The early stages of Budgetwise utilized Node.js for the backend (or is it back-end?), along with MongoDB for a database. While this particular stack is very popular among modern developers, my confidence wavered during the recent spate of security issues regarding MongoDB. I've had my eye on Elixir ever since I saw how sleek and powerful it was. Where your standard HTTP call might be answered in milliseconds, with Elixir it was now a matter of microseconds. The syntax is beautiful. Concurrent connections are handled with…

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A Fresh New Look for the App (and Homepage)

After spending lots of time planning ahead for the more complex features, I determined the app needed an updated interface. More thought has been given to the user's workflow as they create, modify, and track budgets. Aside from changing the color scheme entirely (there will also be a dark theme, by the way), I've made the text bolder and darker to increase legibility, condensed two buttons into one (for creating new rows), and tucked away individual goals and settings behind the settings icon to the far right. Clicking on a…

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