A Fresh New Look for the App (and Homepage)

After spending lots of time planning ahead for the more complex features, I determined the app needed an updated interface. More thought has been given to the user's workflow as they create, modify, and track budgets.


Aside from changing the color scheme entirely (there will also be a dark theme, by the way), I've made the text bolder and darker to increase legibility, condensed two buttons into one (for creating new rows), and tucked away individual goals and settings behind the settings icon to the far right.

Clicking on a budget row will bring up a side panel with detailed information about your goals, due dates (including whether or not it's recurring), and more. Each row can have a custom label color if you'd like, and the date picker can allow your budget to cover a single month, or a specific range. The red font color may be a little stressful though, and I'm considering changing it to a less striking color.

Updated Homepage

I've been meaning to redo the homepage since it didn't really explain any of the features, and once I finished revising the main application there was nothing left to do but match up the two.


Along with listing out a few of the key features and posting some more screenshots, this development blog has finally opened up as well. I intend to be as transparent as possible, and having a place to post updates periodically will certainly help that!