Celebrating 1,000 Early Access Signups!

Tonight's a late but happy night. I am so excited to say that Budgetwise has exceeded 1,000 signups for early access! It's picking up steam much faster than anticipated, mainly due to a competitor recently increasing prices far beyond what they've ever charged before. I think having an updated homepage with some feature screenshots and descriptions has also helped.

Up until now, I've personally reached out to each and every signup in order to thank them for their interest, welcome them, and see if there are any pain points they'd like addressed.

Several great conversations have come out of this, and I've met so many people from diverse backgrounds. The positive reception to my personal emails further reinforces the decision to manually email each user, and I intend to continue reaching out individually as long as I can. Having that personal touch and being responsive is something that's getting harder to find as everyone keeps sending more and more automated emails.

Development is going nicely, and in the next few weeks I plan on adding pricing details to the homepage along with a concrete release date for early access users.

Happy Holidays!