Hello Elixir, Goodbye Node.js

Phoenix ElixirImage via Nanobox

The early stages of Budgetwise utilized Node.js for the backend (or is it back-end?), along with MongoDB for a database. While this particular stack is very popular among modern developers, my confidence wavered during the recent spate of security issues regarding MongoDB.

I've had my eye on Elixir ever since I saw how sleek and powerful it was. Where your standard HTTP call might be answered in milliseconds, with Elixir it was now a matter of microseconds. The syntax is beautiful. Concurrent connections are handled with ease. And most importantly, it's fast to develop in. Combine that with the powerful Phoenix framework and you have the perfect package for fast applications.

Making the switch from Node.js to Elixir and swapping out MongoDB for PostgreSQL may have cost a few weeks of development, but it's well worth it. Budgetwise will now have a strong, stable foundation to support all the features we need, and power a blazing-fast API for our web and mobile apps.