An Update on Pricing, Release Date, & Early Access

It's been several weeks since the last blog post, and I think it's time for an update on how things are going with Budgetwise.

Pricing/Early-Access Discount

Being an app that encourages mindful spending, the price needs to reflect that by being accessible no matter your current financial situation. With that said, there will be two pricing options:

Monthly: $5 USD
Annual: $30 USD

Everyone who signs up for early access will get a permanent discount, with a monthly price of $3 or an annual price of $24. When thinking about price, I needed to make sure it could cover expenses while also remaining profitable enough to survive no matter how many users sign up.

Release Date

As we get closer to the finish line, I am starting to get a much better idea of when Budgetwise will be ready. Previously I had mentioned that Budgetwise may release in April or May of this year, and I believe it will be closer to mid-May. This is due in part to switching the backend platform from Node.js to Elixir/Phoenix, and ongoing design changes that I believe will make the app even easier for users.

Early Access Updates

The amount of users signing up for early access continues to increase every day, and I will be sending welcome emails out to the latest users soon.

Development is going well, and there will be another blog post soon detailing some of the latest changes and feature updates that are making their way into Budgetwise. If you haven't already, make sure you sign up for early access and keep an eye on the blog for more announcements as we get closer to launch.