March Update

Things are looking great as development continues, and I've been working on several things since the last update.

Credit Card Refinement
I've spent a lot of time refining the way credit cards are handled in order to support people who don't use credit cards, pay them off each month, or anyone trying to cut down on their credit card debt.

Right now, if you add an account as a "credit card" type, it will be treated like any other spending account. If you use your credit card to buy groceries, you would have a "(credit card name) balance" category or something along those lines, and just transfer funds from your "groceries" bucket into your card bucket. If you want to create a debt avalanche plan to pay down credit card debt, your cards will all be consolidated into one "debt payment plan" bucket so that you don't need to individually manage each card.

Of course, you will also have the flexibility to include/exclude certain credit cards from the payment plan if you'd rather split them up.

User Documentation
I've begun collecting various potential use-cases to go over in the user documentation, and the hunt for a suitable documentation platform continues. If you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate it if you let me know!

Website Updates
A fellow Redditor has been kind enough to create r/budgetwise, so be sure to check it out. It still needs to be fleshed out with styling, a sidebar, and more information but that is lower on the to-do list right now until the app launches.

Someone in the subreddit mentioned I should introduce myself personally and explain the who and why behind Budgetwise, so there will be an upcoming section on the landing page detailing some of that information. Additionally, I plan on adding a Privacy Policy and Security page to detail the steps Budgetwise takes to keep your information secure and confidential.

That's all for now, though I do expect to be releasing some images or gifs in the next week or two showing off some of the flows in the app so check back for updates!