A Change in Releases

So as I am preparing to deploy and launch the beta, it becomes more apparent that this is not yet in beta but rather "alpha", because features may still change, new things are being added every few days, and bugs may pop up a bit more frequently compared to beta.

Generally, beta apps tend to be almost ready for public launch, with features or design rarely changing by the time it releases. It may just be semantics for most people, but I believe it's important to make that distinction so that feedback is better geared towards design flaws, bugs, and feature implementation.

What happens to early access users?

Nothing at all! It will still be launched to everyone who signed up for early access around the end of May, and I believe that polished product will be the one we can truly call the beta as things won't change as much before public launch in the fall.

I am finishing up the alpha testing invite email and sending that out shortly, but if you'd like to comment anything please let me know in the /r/Budgetwise thread!