The First Week of Alpha Testing Has Wrapped Up

Last Friday (April 6th) I released the alpha version of Budgetwise to a small group of volunteer testers made up of savvy budgeters, developers, and QA testers. After getting initial feedback, I feel more confident that opening it up to testers at this stage was the right move.

The sheer amount of feedback received over the following 2-3 days was fantastic, and the rest of the week was great as well. We set up a Slack channel to get a closed feedback loop going, and I made myself readily available for demos, 1-on-1s, and direct messages with more specific or private questions.

I believe there's been a lot of progress made this week, and the app is moving in the right direction. Here are just a few things that have changed, or will soon change, in response to the initial feedback:

  • UI/UX improvements including a more comfortable workflow when adding categories or transactions
  • Terminology has been improved to reduce learning curve and become more accessible. For example, the "Unassigned" totals have now been renamed to "Left to Budget"
  • The colors have been changed to contrast a little better
  • Font sizes are now more uniform, and row heights have been shortened globally
  • The way transactions and categories are deleted now will pave the way for an archive/undo/redo feature later down the road.
  • The backend has been totally revamped from the ground up to handle numbers and calculations much better
  • Split the Activity column into their own inflow/outflow columns and lay the groundwork for adding a Running Balance column

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks as I work to address each piece of feedback while also developing new features, but the goal remains the same: get Budgetwise in great shape by the time early access opens up towards the end of May.