Early Access Delayed Until July

As excited as I was to release early access by May, there have been a lot of changes this past week and a half in regards to how the budgets are calculated and stored. Everything looks the same from the user perspective, but this will allow reporting to be as granular as possible, and future features can be added without much reworking since the foundation will now be much more flexible.

This very reason is why I believe the nYNAB reports have been severely lacking compared to YNAB4, Mint, and other more robust reporting systems - the way the budget data is stored probably makes it a huge hassle to create new report types.

While I'm doing this work, I'm also taking the opportunity to make some necessary changes to the interface. For example, the "Left to Budget" amount will be larger and more prominent, while the other calculations Budgeted, Activity, and Remaining will be in a more sensible spot... look out for screenshots posted here and on Twitter in the next few days!

Though I've been having some very late nights working hard to get this out in time, the amount of work left to complete this new refactoring just cuts it too close - the worst thing to do would be to release something that's unfinished or broken. As the saying goes, "you only get one first impression."

Thanks for understanding! If you have any comments or feedback about this, please send me an email at [email protected]