Gearing Up for Launch

July is finally here, and there is so much to do!

Feature development has been slower recently as I've spent some time on administrative tasks, such as GDPR readiness and building the knowledgebase. Still, credit card functionality and basic reporting are nearly complete. I'm trying to plan reporting out as much as possible so that once the custom report builder comes out, it'll already be able to support that.

If I have extra time before launch, I will try and squeeze in one last update to the homepage to showcase more features and maybe even a product demo video.

Lastly, I have been doing my best to send everyone a welcome email for signing up to early access, but I am still backlogged by about 1,200 emails so if you have not received one yet, you should soon!

I'm frequently asked this, so I'd like to clarify: everyone who has signed up for early access will be locked into the discounted prices, even if you have not received an email. So don't worry, you will not be missing out. :)