Debt Management Toolkit Delayed

The debt snowball/avalanche system that integrates into the zero-based budgeting needs to be delayed so that it releases closely with the data import/export and bank sync functionality.

I need to make sure the tool is flexible enough to be able to cover the formats of any data imported so that I don't end up working twice on a re-implementation. When creating a debt management plan, there needs to be a check in place to be sure it can handle any sudden changes the bank returns. Factors such as increased interest rate and late fees must re-calculate the plan to include these new numbers.

Credit card functionality will still be included in the early access launch, though, so your debt can still be handled properly and work with your budget. The debt management toolkit is basically an add-on to the credit card system to enable you to consolidate all of your cards into one payment plan, prioritizing them by which card should be paid off first, and tying that into your zero-sum budget while keeping in mind the details that come with that type of budget.