Early Access Launched: The Good, The Bad, and the Buggy

So Early Access launched yesterday 🎉🎉🎉 and happy to say it was a relative success, though there were definitely some things I would have done differently if given the chance for a redo. Here's what went right, and wrong.

The Good
There were subscribers on Day One, and that is huge because it verifies that the value is there, and I will be able to spend that money on developers in order to pump out features a bit faster.

There also weren't nearly as many help tickets or issues as I thought. Out of more than 1.3k users that have signed up so far, I only received about 80 messages/PMs/intercom conversations so it wasn't overwhelming like I expected.

Lots of positive feedback on the general look and feel of the app, which means the design choices are going in the right direction.

The Bad
I wasn't able to get the password reset functionality done in time, though that's coming out shortly. For users that accidentally forgot to save their generated password, we would need to manually reset the account.

Email verification delivery rate didn't meet expectactions. It dropped way more emails than I'd hoped, requiring that users contact me to resend the email or reset their account.

There were some features that weren't complete yet, so I either disabled them or made them unclickable. Since this wasn't obvious to most, a user would start developing an aversion to clicking around since they wouldn't know what's real or not. I've since removed anything that isn't complete so that there is no confusion.

The Buggy
There were some bugs that were high-impact that kept cropping up, such as the Left to Budget showing billions of dollars (would be nice, right?) and EU currency formatting resulting in an extra "00" appended to each value, among other issues.

There are a bunch of smaller bugs that need fixing as well, and I intend to spend the weekend taking care of as many as possible so that I can resume feature work by Monday, and start focusing on the data import/export.

I have made a public bug tracker at https://snowy-evening.com/budgetwise/budgetwise and will be creating a Changelog soon so that you will be able to see what bugs have been fixed, which features are being added, etc.

Closing Thoughts
With all that said and done, I am extremely happy to have finally launched Budgetwise, and I can't wait to see how much better it will get in the coming weeks and months.

Thanks again to everyone who has signed up so far, or plans on signing up! Can't do this without you :)