YNAB Import Coming Soon; More Updates

It's been exactly two weeks since Budgetwise Early Access launched on July 26, and things are going smoothly. There will be a new update coming out in just a few days that should bring with it a totally revamped Account page, nYNAB importing (YNAB4 and bank manual imports coming soon), better support for internationalization, as well as several bug fixes that were persisting for many users. This next update will go a long way towards making the app feel much more stable, and less like you feel the need to double-check the numbers.

Once the update is out, the dev team and I will focus on automatic and manual bank imports, as well as a few other important features that I hope to roll out later this month.

I'm still trying to find the sweet spot when it comes to an everyday process for handling emails, bugs, development, and my fulltime job, but I think a routine is beginning to form that allows me enough time for everything plus having some quality family time. Once the bank sync is up and running, and all of the prominent bugs have been fixed, I think it will be a lot easier to focus on the many other features that will be added soon, like recurring transactions, multiple budgets, the debt management toolkit, goals, and an intuitive way to move money between categories.

If you've subscribed already or have purchased a lifeteime membership - thank you! Your support is going directly into getting help from more developers so that we can start to produce features faster. There have also been a few users who have donated additional funds via PayPal, and for that I am so appreciative!

If you haven't subscribed but you've started a trial, I also thank you for signing up and giving Budgetwise a chance - with the app still in early development, your input can help shape what Budgetwise becomes. I've gotten amazing feedback from so many users already, and I'm excited to see what Budgetwise looks like each month as it inches closer to the 1.0 release.