Coming Soon: Bank Sync, Split/Recurring Transactions, and QFX/OFX Importing

With the transaction workflow now much smoother, there are several exciting features that are currently being focused on, aside from continuous bug fixes and enhancements.

Bank Sync
Though initially anticipated for the end of August, we needed to switch gears to revamp the transaction process as it was becoming a real hindrance and needed to be addressed as quickly as possible. Now it's full steam ahead on bank sync, and we've made good progress. Only a few small tasks remain, and what's currently complete is working smoothly.

It will be only available for US & Canada users at the start, but my hope is that once revenue is consistent enough to cover the expensive fees, we can also add support for international banks.

Split and Recurring Transactions
This has been heavily requested, something that I have been personally waiting for as I have a bunch of recurring payments and frequently shop at only a handful of places to cover most of my needs.

The recurring transactions will be straightforward, just as you are used to in any other program. This feature is being built with the future calendar in mind, where you will be able to see all of your upcoming inflow and outflow at-a-glance, without it affecting your budget. I think this will be really useful for those who like to look ahead and make sure they don't miss any bills, but also don't want to forecast in the sense that it might start modifying the numbers in your budget.

Split transactions will feel familiar if you've used YNAB, but hopefully a bit more streamlined and less cluttered in terms of viewing splits in your overall transactions table.

QFX/OFX Importing
QFX and OFX importing should be out very soon, and early testing has shown optimistic results. There are a few small kinks left before it can find its way into production, but this will be a great feature for those who maybe don't want to or are unable to use the bank sync feature once it's out.