October Status Update and Future Plans

The bank sync feature is wrapping up development as we test and resolve various edge cases. Aside from adding recurring transactions and split transactions, most of October will be spent doing a major refactor of the code, to overhaul and improve the overall workflow experience.

Currently if you have a slower internet connection, for example, you might have run into an issue where the budgeted amount is saved two or three times because it doesn't update fast enough. If you have hundreds or thousands of transactions and change one row's category, you might see it pause or flash the original value for a moment or two. In the transaction screen, if you are on Page 2 and update a transaction, it will reset the order and bring you back to Page 1. It might seem like minor annoyances, but they really add up if you have to deal with multiple budget entries or transactions.

Those types of workflow frustrations, and more, are what are going to be addressed with this period of refactoring and improvement. In doing do, it will build a much stronger foundation to add all other upcoming features and make the experience expontentially better for you. It's a win-win.

Though the bank syncing was originally aimed for the end of August, I had to switch gears a couple of times to improve the workflow for entering transactions and updating the experience on mobile amongst other things. If your trial is expired or close to expiring, please email me and ask for an extension - I'd be more than happy to extend the trial, especially since this particular feature took longer than anticipated.