Bank Sync Launches, and Notes for November

October and November have been extremely busy in terms of development, and there are a few things I'd like to go over.

Bank Sync Launches
Bank sync is finally here! It's been finished for a good month or so, but testing various scenarios with live bank data took a bit longer than anticipated. Click here to read the guides on how to use the bank sync feature.


Overall I think it works pretty well, though my bank (a tiny, local credit union) has only been aggregating transactions every 3-6 days, a bit slow but the data has been quite accurate. My accounts with Bank of America and American Express have aggregated much faster however, sometimes as frequently as once a day. After asking the third-party API provider, I learned that they build relationships with each financial institution differently based on what the bank wants to allow, so some banks may aggregate faster than others.

Besides that irregular aggregation frequency, everything else seems to work great. Multifactor authentication, if enabled on your bank accounts, will also be required to create a direct import connection.

Frontend Overhaul
The refactoring has been going great. Happy to say the overall workflow speed and user experience will be improved exponentially. To get a good idea of the before/after changes, take a look at this short clip:

Both clips are running extremely slow 3G internet speeds, and the Before clip shows a lot of the bugs encountered today - numbers skipping or doubling up, fields being deselected, inputs resetting, and lots of waiting while things calculate. With the After clip, you can tab through a category name and all three Budget fields, and there's no skipping, lag, or any of the other problems.

This is definitely high priority work, as continuing to add other features will only amplify any current problems. The Budget page is just about finished, and the account page is currently receiving some love as well. There's a bug that's been identified regarding budgeted amounts and credit cards, and this + several other bugs will be squashed when this update is released in the very near future.

Split/Recurring Transactions
As much as I wish these two features were released already (I am desperately waiting for these features for my personal day-to-day budgeting), the frontend overhaul has to take precedence as the current experience is causing too many bugs, glitches, and otherwise unwanted behavior for my liking. Without a good user experience, you can have all the features in the world and it won't mean a thing.

My thought is that recurring transactions will be released either at the same time as the frontend overhaul, or slightly earlier. Split transactions, on the other hand, will come slightly later as it will heavily depend on some of the changes being done to the account page.

Inline Calculations and Move Money Tool
When the frontend overhaul is complete, it will also come with support for inline calculations so you don't have to do mental math anymore.


There is also a tool in the works to let you move money between categories/Left to Budget, but that won't come until after the split transactions are complete.

And that's it! Lots of stuff going on right now, and trying to get as much done as possible before the approaching holiday season. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please send me an email at [email protected]!