Frontend Revamp Pt. 1 is Complete, and Closing Thoughts for November

The first portion of the frontend overhaul is complete, and you'll notice the before/after for the budget screen is a huge difference in terms of usability and speed. There are still a few minor annoyances I need to fix (like empty category groups still being unable to delete, new category groups sometimes starting as collapsed instead of expanded), but those should be complete by the second part of the update along, with the much-improved account and transactions page.

Split transactions will be coming soon: either before the second frontend update, or with it. Aside from that, December will only see minor improvements as I'll be spending less time on development around the holidays. Some items I'd like to get done during this slower period include hiding categories/category groups, adding untracked accounts, and better mobile support.

Changing the Landing Page
The main website ( looks nice, but I plan on changing it very soon to better convey that we're still in early access and things are still very much under construction. Both released and proposed features are listed there without any indication of what's actually there right now. I feel that it can seem misleading, so I will clearly list what's available, and what is forthcoming.

Adding More Help Articles
Another area that I feel needs to be improved is the limited number of help articles currently available in the Help Center. There are some differences that existing users coming from Financier, YNAB4, or nYNAB might not be aware of, which results in confusion, so I will be working to address those and improve the overall onboarding experience.

A More Unified Look and Feel
Development has been at such a whirlwind pace that some styles and components were put together without adhering to any specific style guidelines, leading some parts of the app to look different from other parts. Primary action buttons might have different font sizes depending on where you are, the primary button color itself could be either light blue or dark blue, and there is no clear heirarchy.

Good interface design is one of the major points I want to focus on as a differentiating factor, so while not an extremely high priority right now, you will start to see things getting a more unified look as development continues on other features.