Bank Sync, Intercom and Development in This March Update

Improving Responses by Removing Intercom
I will be streamlining things a little bit by removing Intercom for now, at least until more development has been completed and I am able to spend more time chatting 1-on-1. That will leave the primary way to reach me as just the [email protected] email, which is much easier to manage as I don't need to keep jumping between multiple tabs and communication channels.

Additionally, removing Intercom will mean that I can just leave my email tabs open during the workday and reply to them one at a time instead of trying to juggle multiple realtime conversations along with trying to focus on development issues.

Persistent Bugs, Split Transactions and Upcoming Features
Since the last update where the account page was overhauled, there have been some regressions introduced which I am still working to unravel and solve. A few of the bugs are hard to replicate but thankfully a few fellow Redditors have been amazingly helpful by letting us troubleshoot together. I expect a fix for these bugs to come out soon, which should also return some of the performance issues that happen as a result of those bugs.

On split transactions, it is nearing completion now and is being tested extensively. I know this is a heavily-used feature and I'd like to make sure there won't be any bugs introduced when this comes out. It may seem simple at the outset, but there are many, many edge cases to consider and account for so that is taking up some time!

Along with split transactions, some of the new updates you will soon see include:

  • Off-budget accounts
  • Closed accounts
  • More descriptive breakdown of Left to Budget
  • Ability to wipe out budget and start fresh
  • Flexibility with the due date column in the Budget screen

Bank Sync
You may already be aware of this if you've lurked on the Budgetwise Subreddit, but the bank sync vendor ended up being very inconsistent. Two users with the same bank and banking account type would be handled very differently. One user could import their transactions almost daily, the other only once a week, if ever. This is a terrible experience and in my opinion, one of the most important things to get right.

As a result, I will be phasing out and totally removing bank sync over the next week or two. Accounts that are currently synced will be converted over to a manual account. My hope is that once things are solid and revenue is consistent enough, I can go with one of the top-tier vendors that are currently too expensive for me to use. As we get closer to the debt management features, having a reliable third-party vendor is extremely important since many users will depend on that feature to track their transactions and credit card/loan details.

Closing Thoughts
We should see a much faster development pace over the next few weeks, ramping up into a much more frequent release cycle like there was last Fall. On top of the updates that are coming out soon, there is still the interface design change that I will be working to implement, so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks again for the support and patience while I work hard on the app, and talk to you soon :)