What's Coming in the Spring 2019 Updates

This past month has been quite busy, and things are starting to really come together. So far it seems that most users who subscribe have opted to do the lifetime subscription over any of the other plans, and that's been allowing me to continue hiring some help to speed things up. If you've signed up for any of the plans at all, thank you for your support!

With some of the largest features completed and bank sync put on ice for now, it's time to focus on the details including:

  • Click-to-move-money
  • Adding a transaction from any screen
  • The ability to reset your budget
  • A properly working import tool
  • Closing/hiding accounts and categories

In a previous post from November I mentioned that the app will be moving towards a more uniform look. There are too many different styles going on and not enough room to put small UI additions like the bullet points mentioned above. Additionally, you will be able to show/hide the due date column if you choose not to use it, and customize exactly how you want your budgeted numbers to be handled.

Overall I think it will be an improvement, and the new design allows for a lot more information and features without feeling cluttered, so keep an eye out for that! Here's an example of what the new Left to Budget area will look like in Multi-Month mode, with a collapsible breakdown of the number:


There will also be an emphasis on accessibility, so there will be a better contrast between colors, a dark mode that's easier on the eyes, and better navigation with a screen reader.

This switch to the new design will be a bit technical and I may write a post or two detailing the process behind it. Since I will have my hands in all of the components during this time, I'm going to identify ways to improve performance, especially with accounts that have a ton of data. Performance issues weren't something I expected to run into this early on, but with so many users and lots of imported data it's starting to become a bottleneck that needs addressing.

I'm quite happy that the main budgeting portion of the app is nearing completion, since that will allow me to start working on the other big things like debt management, goals, and the calendar features. As always, thanks for your continued support and feedback!