First Look at Dark Mode and the UI Rewrite

To recap previous posts: I am currently fully rewriting the entire user-facing portion of the app so that it's quicker, more consistent, less buggy, and more functional. Here are a few of the changes that are coming with it:

  • Switch between light/dark modes
  • Switch between two different budgeting styles (a universal Left to Budget amount, or walled-off months)
  • More consistent UI components. Buttons, fonts and the overall look will flow together better. The entire previous CSS was stripped out and all of it was written by hand this time around
  • Split transactions will be collapsed by default, not expanded
  • Left to Budget will now display a proper breakdown of what goes into that number
  • The due date column is now optional, and any saved due date gets carried forward instead of having to be re-entered each month
  • Will be able to view all transactions affecting the current month's budget
  • Can copy last month's budgeted amount so you don't have to manually re-enter it
  • Transaction filtering and searching

And here are a few preview screenshots of the new design, including dark mode.

Single Month View


Multi Month View


Mobile View


I had given myself a hard deadline of June 15th to finish the rewrite, but there are still a few small things to finish up, and split transactions are being rather stubborn but should be completed shortly.

I expect this to completely finished the next few days, and once it's ready, I will be opening the new version up to current subscribers for a few weeks in order to gather feedback and initial thoughts, and give me enough time to address those comments. I am opting to open it up to a smaller group first so that I can manage the communications a bit better as opposed to opening up the floodgates for everyone at once.

Once this version is ready to deploy, I will be writing another post with instructions on how to access it and try it out for yourself. The hours put into this rewrite have been innumerable, since it was basically recreating and rearchitecting the entire app in just a couple of months. Thanks for your continued support!