The Rewrite is Ready for Initial Feedback

Since mid-April, I've been working on scrapping the entire user-facing portion of Budgetwise and rewriting it from scratch - see prior blog post. Not only will the look and feel be significantly better and more consistent, but it was designed with stability in mind and rebuilt in a way that will allow upcoming features to be implemented easier.

The first look at the new application is available at for anyone who was signed up for the lifetime membership before July 8th, 2019 (or if we spoke beforehand about trying it out!). Simply click the link and enter your email address. If you had a lifetime subscription, your data will have been carried over. Otherwise, it will be a clean slate.

You are more than welcome to sign in, explore, and provide any feedback on your initial thoughts, feature requests, bugs you may find, and any tweaks you'd like me to add. Just click on the small green "Feedback" button in the bottom right of the screen to submit any info, screenshots, or requests you have:


While I originally intended for everyone to be able to check out the rewrite on the staging server, I realized that there would be too many users providing feedback all at once, and that might create a bottleneck since I'd spend more time replying and managing conversations than developing and updating the software.

The goal is to spend a couple of weeks tweaking and updating the staging server according to user feedback, and when it's just right, release it to production a few days before August 1st. There are a few small touchups and things I need to finish like the reports page, transfers, and manage budgets/payees, but that will be completed over the next several days while you try out the new update.

Thanks for the continued support, and looking forward to your feedback so far!