Ramping Up Development and Revenue

It's been about 9 days since the rewrite opened up on a staging server for lifetime subscribers to test out and submit feedback/bugs/requests. At the time of this writing, 51 tickets have been created by users and 42 have been resolved - leaving just 9 more tickets to go!

I am hoping to have most of these wrapped up by the end of the weekend, along with some small improvements like drag and drop + budget resets, then spend next week polishing so it's ready to go before August 1st for everyone to use live.

Not only have I been spending lots of my free time on getting this in good shape, but Stefan, our part-time developer, has been excellent in helping me fill in the gaps while also working on the new-and-improved import tool.

On that note, last week alone Budgetwise generated over $1k in revenue. Since monthly revenue is usually not enough to cover the thousands in development costs, I cover the rest out of pocket. This month however, I believe it will be able to fully fund development itself without needing my intervention, and that's a great sign. Sincerely, thank you, to each and every one of you for your continued support and feedback!

As Budgetwise continues to grow and become closer to the budgeting tool I envision, the two things I am focusing on post-rewrite are goals and debt management. My plan is to take it out of "early access" and make it a tool worthy of your trust and confidence as soon as possible, so that's where all our focus will be.