The Rewrite Has Been Deployed

It's been quite the week! Along with wrapping up the rewrite, I also found out that we have a second baby on the way, so very excited :). There are a few things that I had to pull back as I continue to improve:

  • Drag and drop
  • Manage budgets/payees
  • Better charting
  • A few bugs related to international currency formatting (comma decimals, etc)

These should be in pretty soon, but I didn't feel comfortable deploying them yet as the experience wasn't where I thought it should be yet. The revamped import tool is also close to being complete, and that will let you import any type of file, allowing you to map the columns to the Budgetwise columns so there are no more issues with it.

Feedback Button
In the desktop view, you will notice a green "Feedback" button that you can click if you have comments, feedback, or bug reports.


I am using Usersnap for this service, and while it was in staging I was able to email you back and form messaging threads, but it was too pricey to keep going so I've kept the main service and left out that add-on. It does allow you to input your email address if you want to be contacted though, so if I see that and you have a question I will send you an email directly!

Using Global LTB/Walled Off Months
So the biggest difference is that now you'll be able to switch between a fluid Left to Budget amount, or keep it walled off. If you keep it fluid, any amount you budget from the future will be deducted from your Left to Budget everywhere so you will know if you are falling short.

With walled off budgets, you can add Income for [this month] and [next month] based on the transaction date. You can also choose to have scheduled transactions count now by clicking the hourglass icon to the right of a transaction:


So if you have a transaction coming out August 8 and want it to affect that August budget right away, simply click that icon to include/exclude it. To speed up manual entry as well, all manually entered transactions will auto-approve.

There has been lots of varying feedback on the Global/Walled Off functionality and the auto-approving, so please let me know if you'd like to see something different! After a short while I'll be able to see what everyone prefers and add whatever changes we need.

Everyone starts off on the Global LTB setting as it is the safest option to prevent overbudgeting, but if you are comfortable with budgeting ahead and need to have functionality similar to YNAB4, the Walled Off Months option is for you.

I hope you enjoy the rewrite (I'm always in dark mode now), and let me know if you have any feedback or concerns!