Fall '19 Update Coming Soon: New Import Tool, Drag & Drop, Updated Transfer Flow

A few months ago, with the impending release of OSX Catalina and a certain other budgeting app no longer working on 64-bit machines, we started work on a powerful new import tool.

The new import tool will be able to handle YNAB4, nYNAB, and pretty much any configuration of .csv, .qif, .qfx, or .ofx that you throw at it. A big thank-you to everyone who has sent in various test files for us to work with! Having a wide range of file types and formats will ensure that the importer is as robust as possible, no matter which bank you use or what country you live in.

Regrettably, the YNAB data will still be considered "for historical purposes only" meaning that it will be viewable in your account registers and in your reports, but it won't have an impact on anything else. This is something I'm still thinking through and it might change down the road but for now, it will serve the purpose of helping you port your information over without losing it.

Some of the other changes coming in the next update (besides a slew of bug fixes) include the return of drag and drop for categories, category groups, and accounts, and an updated transfer flow. Currently, the workflow to create a transfer is very different from any other transaction, with the dialog box popping up, and the lack of flexibility in terms of whether it's inflow or outflow. I am working on making it an inline transaction just like any other, with more flexibility.

Following that up, work will be focused concurrently on a native iOS/Android app and the goals system. This may or may not include migrating from the current REST API architecture to GraphQL - if the performance and maintainability is improved significantly it would definitely be worth the switch, but I will post more updates as we get closer to it.

Thank you for the continued support, feedback, and ideas. I will be spending this week catching up on my emails as well, so I look forward to speaking with you if I haven't already!