April Update - New Blog, and High-Impact Fixes Released
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April Update - New Blog, and High-Impact Fixes Released

Welcome back!  😊 We've moved our blog to a different hosting platform (Ghost) for a better overall experience and will be slowly migrating over all of our old posts.

We've been hard at work building out Budgetwise and have grown into a small team of three developers and one project manager - tasks have been much more organized and it's certainly made it easier to stay focused on one thing at a time.

Bugs Fixed

Now that velocity is improving, we've had the bandwidth to really focus on the most glaring issues, and the following bugs have been fixed:

0.00 Everywhere

This one was most prevalent for longtime users who had tons of data, where logging in you would only see "0.00" in all the value fields even after a browser refresh, editing values, etc.

Budget Switching

For some, switching budgets would leave remnants of the previously selected budget behind. Accounts from the previous budget would still display for example, or perhaps categories or budget amounts remained.

Budget Resetting and Deleting

Users with lots of transactions might have run into an issue that prevented them from resetting or deleting a budget, and this was a frustrating one to troubleshoot! Thankfully, the path to fixing it also led us to make some awesome improvements to the database queries which should really speed things up for everyone.

It's an exciting time to be working on Budgetwise, and as always, please feel free to join us on Discord where you can chat with us, or send us an email at support@budgetwise.io