Import Tool Released; Upcoming Development Changes
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Import Tool Released; Upcoming Development Changes

The import tool has finally been released, and the accompanying help article found here will help get you started. It allows for importing various file types (including .csv and .qfx), and you can choose whether or not to treat imports as:

  • Historical - doesn't count towards balances
  • Budget - affects account balances
    There are other changes coming mentioned in the last post, such as drag and drop and an improved transfer flow, but I held off on releasing them all at once as I want to give this update about a week or so of pure focus to be sure that any edge cases or bugs are taken care of quickly.

This update took quite a while, and going forward I will be aiming to release changes every two weeks, ideally on the 1st and on the 15th of each month so that there is some sense of regularity. The product roadmap will also be cleaned up and updated to reflect less of the technical stuff, but more of the overall product development stages and the progress of each major feature.

Development will be ramping up quickly now with the import tool out of the way and releases coming twice a month. I will be checking the in-app feedback tool closely to make sure everything goes smoothly with the importer and try to address bugs as quickly as possible. Thanks for being patient, and I look forward to hearing your initial thoughts!