Release 0.4.0 is Out!
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Release 0.4.0 is Out!

Greetings everyone! It’s been a long and busy road but work continues on Budgetwise, and we’ve added several quality of life improvements in the latest version:

Import Tool

We’ve noticed that there are more and more users coming from other platforms that have experienced shutdowns, price increases, and other large changes. To help bring new users on board and ease the workflow for existing users, we’ve created a new version of the import tool that handles. It works very similarly to the old version, with a few changes:

  • If your import file contains a single “amount” field and reflects inflows/outflows by using negative numbers, it will automatically sort those values into the inflow/outflow columns
  • The required fields are: Date, Memo (notes), and an amount
  • The 5 most recent imports will be displayed on the right side with the date and filename and can be deleted, along with all related transactions

Search Bug

There was a noticeable bug with the search input in an account’s page - each time you would type, the search bar would lose focus and you’d have to click the input again. This has been fixed and it is now working as expected - if you continue to run into issues with this please make sure you’ve refreshed your current page.

0.00 Bug

There was a recurrent bug that caused pages to stop responding or values that refused to be calculated, resulting in all (or almost all) values displaying “0.00” regardless of what the actual value was.

We had fixed it earlier in the year but it came back when we switched to a cloud application hosting provider called Render - though similar in hardware specs, the efficiency of Render just wasn’t up to par compared to our previous hosting provider (Heroku), so we opted to return to Heroku and keep them as our hosting platform, which fixed the issue and improved performance again across all aspects of the app.