Release 0.5.0 has been deployed
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Release 0.5.0 has been deployed

The last few weeks have been rather busy, and we have some new updates to share before the holidays!

New Payment Processor: From Stripe to Paddle

Our previous payment gateway, Stripe, has been removed and replaced with Paddle. There are various reasons why we wanted to make the switch, but the most important ones include:

  • Where Stripe supported only credit/debit cards, Paddle supports many other forms of payment like PayPal (coming soon to Budgetwise), Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more
  • Easier subscription management in case you need to update your payment info, change subscription plans, switch to lifetime membership, or cancel your subscription

Misc Bug Fixes & Improvements

There are a few bug fixes and improvements that have been deployed:

  • The “New Category” button was blocking the last row on the Budget screen, on some mobile devices
  • Entering transactions or editing them would sometimes trigger the focus to jump around different input fields
  • The list of Payees in the Manage Payees screen is now alphabetized for easier parsing

New Email System + Email Flows

The email system has been remade using more reliable services, and the welcome emails are now functional again. There are a few more updates related to this coming soon, specifically around password recovery and new user verification.

New Help Center

We’ve launched a new version of our help center (, and completely rewrote the material with more screenshots and in-depth explanations into how you can use Budgetwise. There are still more write-ups to come, but if you have an idea or a workflow you’d like us to write about and detail, please email either Alonso or Juan and tell us your idea!

The FAQs will be coming soon, and over the holidays we plan on filling out additional guides on things like building a successful budget from start to finish, how to keep your accounts reconciled with your budget, and how to use our new import tool.