How Budgetwise Differs From the Competition

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is how Budgetwise differs from the countless budgeting apps that already exist. Why use it over Mint? Or YNAB? Or even just Google Sheets? It's an excellent question, especially considering it's not free - you need to make sure it's worth it! Zero-sum budgeting, with flexibility Apps like Mint help you see where your money was spent, not where it will be spent. Sure, you can set goals and budget by categories, but because it includes money you haven't yet received,…

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The First Post

I know, I know - what took so long?! With Budgetwise now at full throttle, I finally had enough time to set up a blog to document the journey from development to launch. The goal of these posts will be to give a behind-the-scenes look on the development and design of Budgetwise, showcase new features, and make major announcements. The frequency of these posts will be sporadic at first I'm sure, but I aim to post bi-weekly at the very least. If you haven't already, make sure you've signed up…

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